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March 22 2013 6 22 /03 /March /2013 10:57

Windows Movie Maker is the video editing program that is included with Windows XP. Windows Movie Maker allows you to quickly build a personalized movie that incorporates video, still images, background music, and narration. This movie can be customized further by adding titles, transitions, and video effects. Windows Movie Maker was designed to be easy to use even if you don’t have any experience with video editing. Windows Movie Maker is kind of powerful yet easy-to-use video editor, because of which it is favored by global users.

Knowledge about Windows Movie Maker:

Supported Input Formats
Video Formats: asf, avi, wmv
Movie Formats: MPEG1, mpeg, mpg, m1v, mp2
Audio Formats: mp3, wav, snd, au, aif, aifc, aiff
Windows Media Video File: asf, wm, wma, wmv


From what has been discussed above, we can infer that the supported formats of Windows Movie Maker are limited, which means not all videos are editable by it. Although you can play a file in Microsoft Windows Media Player, you may not be able to import the file into Windows Movie Maker even though this article lists that kind of file. You may not be able to import the file if the codec that was used to encode the audio or video is not a codec that is included with Windows. In that case, you may be able to re-encode the video or audio by using Windows Media Encoder, and then import the video or audio.

when we try to make a homemade movie, we probably will import the source videos from DVD discs or footages from camcorders except downloading from the Internet. However, as has been mentioned above, WMM does not support DVD videos, so if you want to import a DVD to Windows Movie Maker, you need to use a third-party DVD to Windows Movie Maker Converter to help. By doing so, the DVD videos will be ripped down from the disc and be converted to WMM-accepted formats so that you can edit them on it. Recommended program: Doremisoft DVD Converter.

As to the camcorder footages like MOV videos, you should choose this Video Converter to convert MOV to Windows Movie Maker so as to get the source video runs at the right form. Besides, this converter can also convert camcorder footages to other video editor in addition to WMM. For example, you can use the converter to convert GoPro Hero 3 to Premiere with high efficiency and with no quality loss.

OK, that’s all the contents about this topic today. Have fun!

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March 21 2013 5 21 /03 /March /2013 10:41

SWF (pron.: /ˈswɪf/ swif) is an Adobe Flash file format used for multimedia, vector graphics and ActionScript. Originating with FutureWave Software, then transferred to Macromedia, and then coming under the control of Adobe, SWF files can contain animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function. Currently, SWF is the dominant format for displaying "animated" vector graphics on the Web. It may also be used for programs, commonly browser games, using ActionScript. --- from Wikipedia

Jing is a screencasting computer program launched in 2007 as Jing Project by the TechSmith Corporation. The software takes a picture or video of the user's computer screen and uploads it to the Web, FTP, computer or clipboard. Not mentioning the simple function of capturing images, the most outstanding feature of JING is that it can easily record videos that are playing on your computer desktop and save them in .swf format. Since this could be one of the simplest methods to make an SWF video, JING is very adorable for most users, except the Mac users.

As is known to all, Apple did not, does not and still will not cooperate with Adobe, so there’s no Adobe Flash Player and Adobe flash plugin on Mac, without which, Mac cannot run the SWF files at all. It is a great pity not making full use of JING. As many Mac users are asking how they can use the JING SWF videos on Mac – JING to iMovie, JING SWF to MOV on Mac, or JING SWF to QuickTime on Mac, etc. here, I’ll provide you the easiest way to handle that: to use a third-party JING SWF Converter to get this task done.

Doremisoft JING SWF Converter (JING SWF Converter for Mac) is the exact program that will help you fix all the SWF problems nicely. Below is the brief guides on converting JING SWF to iMovie:

Step 1: Import JING SWF flash to the converter by clicking “Select File”.

Step 2: Set iMovie-friendly output format following Profile > Applications > iMovie.

Step 3: Hit “Next” and "Start Conversion" button to begin to convert JING SWF to iMovie.

Step 4: Thereafter, you can easily import the converted JING captured videos to iMovie for editing.

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March 19 2013 3 19 /03 /March /2013 11:03

Nowadays, more and more people tend to enjoy publishing movies by themselves. Most of them prefer to use some kinds of professional camcorders to shoot videos, and after that, they would adjust the videos or edit the videos with some video editing programs like FCP, iMovie, Sony Vegas, Windows Movie Maker and so on in most situations. However, some of my friends told me that they have met some problems while editing their videos since the format compatibility problems. So, they asked me to give them some explanation about the camcorder video formats and advices on how to make the camcorder videos be supported by the mainstream video editors/applications/mobile devices.

OK, firstly, you should remember that the camcorder footages are mostly encoded with AVCHD MTS/AVCHD Lite, or sometimes MXF format. What exactly these formats are? Let’s take a look at them:


High-definition MPEG Transport Stream video format commonly called "AVCHD"; AVCHD stands for "Advanced Video Codec High Definition used by Sony, Panasonic, and other HD camcorders; based on the MPEG-2 transport stream and supports 720p and 1080i HD video formats.


AVCHD Lite identifies a subset of AVCHD format, in which progressive-scan video is limited to 720p (1280x720 resolution) Announced in January 2009, the Panasonic DMC-ZS3/DMC-FT1/DMC-TZ7 digital cameras were the first digital cameras to offer AVCHD-lite movie mode. In these early models, the sensor was limited to 25fps (PAL)/30fps(NTSC), which was then recorded in a AVCHD 720p50/60 format bitstream (using picture flags to instruct the decoder to display each stored frame twice.) Since then, Panasonic has added AVCHD-lite to more of its camcorders and digital cameras. In newer models such as the DMC FZ-200, the sensor captures a full 50fps/60fps for video recording.


Multimedia format used by digital audio and video programs; contains captured audio and video data as well as metadata that describes the media stored in the file; designed by Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) as a standard container for audio and video data; can be converted into other formats, such as .AVI or .MOV.


As to the supported video formats of the popular editors, it depends on what OS they run on, either Mac, or Windows. For Windows-based programs, they always support AVI, WMV and MPG formats, while the Mac ones, they mostly support MOV files. When it comes to the mobile devices-friendly formats, it would be much simpler – most of the mobile devices support MP4 format (sometimes only support).

Now you may find that the camcorder video formats are special, and will not be recognized by most devices/applications. Therefore, if you want to import footages from such as Panasonic Lumix FZ45 AVCHD Lite or Panasonic P2 MXF to the editors like FCP/iMovie for editing, you need to convert Panasonic Lumix FZ45 AVCHD Lite to MOV or Panasonic P2 MXF to MOV via a professional Mac AVCHD Converter/Mac MXF Converter. For Windows users, you should choose the Windows Version.

After the conversion, you can then easily edit the camcorder videos in FCP/iMovie, etc. Moreover, you can also you this powerful converting tool to convert videos to mobile devices like converting MTS to Nexus 10 and M4V to Galaxy S4 and so on.

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February 1 2013 6 01 /02 /February /2013 10:03

What are the most exciting and unforgettable moments in ones life? Well, you may say therere many. Yet, among all these touching moments, just a few events can stand out in life when you dont have another chance to experience, say the day you get married, the moment your baby is born, and the graduation day, etc. In such moments, it is necessary for us to do something meaningful to better memorize them, for example, to film an excellent video by yourself. As the graduation season is around the corner, and many colleges have already preparing the graduation ceremony, Ive arrange you some useful tips for shooting and editing a great graduation video.

Here are some things to consider and prepare for as soon as you decide to film a graduation.

Prepare a high quality camcorder

As youve decided to videotape a great graduation film, whether to purchase a new one or youve already own one, or even rent one, whatever, it is very important for you to take it into consideration of a high quality camcorder. Canon XA10 would be the best choice for you, however. Besides, make sure that your camcorder is working perfectly beforehand because it may become broken while in storage.

Arrange the equipments

Tripod: Graduations will last for a long time, and thus your arms will easily get tired so that the camera would begin to move up and down. A tripod will save your video from the shakes and make the shooting job easy.

Extra batteries or AC adaptor: If theres any time when you needed an extra battery, graduation is. Batteries never last as long time as they claim to, especially when they are in need. If necessary, bring a power supply and extension cord.

Viewfinder: As the big color LCD screen tends to drain the battery, use the viewfinder instead of the LCD screen to save battery power.

Occupy a good location

Try to get to the graduation locale as early as possible so as to occupy a good location to shoot the video and get a clean audio feed. Remember not to set up your camera in the aisle where the crowds are standing or people are walking by.

Plan the video contents

Dont try to shoot everything into the video if your final goal is to make an excellent family video! Make a plan of what you need to show in the video before shooting. Focus on videotaping your beloved one. And dont forget to take some wonderful pictures as well!

Post production editing

When you finish filming the graduation video, remember to do the post production editing with some professional video editors like AE or Adobe Premiere. However, if you are a Mac user, you will need to convert Canon XA10 AVCHD videos to Mac before editing. A smart Mac AVCHD Converter would help a lot.

Hope these tips will help you! Enjoy your videotaping!

Related tag: convert Alpha Nex to Mac.

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January 18 2013 6 18 /01 /January /2013 09:58

Just like many other people, I was captured by Fujifilm FinePix X100 when it was first launched at 2010 Photokina. According to the official description, Fuji X X100 is a fixed lens digital camera with a Hybrid Viewfinder, which refers to "a backlit color LCD overlaying an optical view". Ever since it came into being, I've heard people talking a lot about the good and bad of FinePix X100. However, no matter what people talk, by now, over two years have passed, X100 is still one of those top sales cameras. And it probably will keep standing the top for not a short term. Why can this be an undoubtedly fact? Let's take a short review on it here.

Aiming to producing great photo quality and a special user experience, FinePix X100 whereas attempts to confuse us with an odd user interface and wide open lens flare. Fujifilm X100 was made for a small market, whose potential buyers have to take it into consideration carefully that whether X100 meets their demands well enough to satisfy all their photo taking jobs.

Despite the odd user interface, the most discussed shortcomings of Fuji X X100 are probably the manual dials which will easily turn. In addition, the manual focus is not easy for users to use. Last but not lease, the lens flare is dramatic, especially during the night.

However, regardless of these minor defects, Fujifilm FinePix X100 is still a worth buying camera for its outstanding quality imaging and mostly excellent optical performance. Moreover, it is applied with a dazzling Hybrid Viewfinder, and its traditional mechanical controls fit the majority of users pretty well.

As to the storage, photos and videos shot by X100 are generally saved on SD cards, the latest SDHC and SDXC supported. Besides, about 20MB of internal memory is also available, in which users can store about 4 Large Fine JPEGs or 1 RAW file. Not enough? Well, you can choose to burn Fujifilm FinePix to DVD (on Mac) via a professional third party Mac DVD Maker as well.

All in all, Fujifilm FinePix X100 delivers a very impressive performance, with high quality imaging that holds together remarkably excellent from a wide range of ISO settings. Quoted from the official, "even ISO 12,800 shots make a good 8x10-inch print"!

Tips: LimeWire is one of the most popularly used P2P clients for Windows, Mac and other OS. If you get tons of videos and want to burn them to DVD disc, Mac DVD maker also can give a solution to burn LimeWire video to DVD.

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January 5 2013 7 05 /01 /January /2013 02:35

Panasonic's SDR-S50 is an unusual cross between recording video to a memory card and recording high-definition footage, it’s a proper full-size camcorder that records standard-definition video to SD memory cards. With no tape inside the body is smaller and almost unbelievably light, and sits very comfortably in the right hand. The main controls for zoom and recording are under the user’s thumb and fingers, with the menu controls on the fold-out screen.

The key difference between SDR-S50 and a cheaper pocket model is its lens. The SDR-S50's lens starts at 33mm wide, with a huge 78x zoom range that allows you to zoom, albeit slowly, to capture far-off objects.

The ability to alter the volume using a hardware button (the zoom slider doubles up here) rather than having to delve into the onscreen menu; the simple switch at the back to change from recording to playback mode and the comfortable contoured grip, these can make you happier.

It supports the latest SDXC memory cards, giving up to 64GB of storage, but an inexpensive 4GB card gave us 55 minutes of recording at the highest quality. Video is recorded in the MPEG-2 format.

The good: Very good image stabilization; well-designed; manual controls.

The bad: Low-resolution LCD; dated user interface; poor low-light video; no external mic, headphone jacks.

The bottom line: The Panasonic SDR-S50 standard-definition camcorder is worth considering for its manual controls and powerful zoom lens in a very compact body--not video quality.

Here is the list of Panasonic MOD camcorder:

2003: SV-AV100 (SD card)

2005: SDR-S100 (SD card)

2006: SDR-S150 (SD/SDHC card)

2007: SDR-S10 (SD/SDHC card), SDR-H18 (HDD, SD card), SDR-H200 (HDD, SD/SDHC card)

2008: SDR-H20 (HDD, SD/SDHC card), SDR-H60 (HDD, SD/SDHC card), SDR-S7 (SD/SDHC card), SDR-SW20 (SD/SDHC card)

2009: SDR-SW21 (SD/SDHC card), SDR-S26 (SD/SDHC card)

2010: SDR-S50 (SD/SDHC/SDXC card), SDR-T50P, SDR-T55P (SD/SDHC/SDXC card, internal flash), SDR-H85P (SD/SDHC/SDXC card, hard drive)

2011: SDR-H100 (SD/SDHC/SDXC card, hard drive)

To enjoy Panasonic MOD camcorder, you can record high-quality video, and do some editing, share video with friends or upload them to Youtube.

Play back the recorded .MOD files on Mac or further editing them in iMovie or FCP, however, each of them can't read the MOD videos. How to fix the problem?

Doremisoft MOD converter mac can seamlessly convert the Panasonic SDR-S and SDR-H MOD files to MOV on Mac for QuickTime, iMovie or FCP. With this mac MOD converter you can easily and quickly convert videos taken by MOD camcorders and cameras to common video (3GP, 3G2, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, FLV, SWF, MKV, DV, RMVB/RM, AVI, DIVX, WMV, M4V, MOV, AMV, MTV, and SMV) and HD video (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MOV, WMV, and AVI). Besides, with it you also can trim MOD files, merge multiples MOD videos into one, cut out the unwanted edges, edit video effects, etc. So, convert Panasonic MOD to Mac will be an easy thing.

If you want to burn MOD to DVD for a permanent storage, Doremisoft DVD maker mac can help to easily burn all SD/HD videos to DVD with high quality on Mac OS X, it enables you import Canon FS 300/FS 200/FS100, Panasonic SDR, JVC Everio MOD files to the program then burn to DVD disc. And you can do additional editing work like DVD disk Background, Menu Title (DVD Name), Button Style and Frame (Video decoration Frame).

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December 20 2012 5 20 /12 /December /2012 06:36

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas time

Time to share our love

Come and join

The tidings to the world

Christmas time

Always the best time 

What are you expecting for this Christmas? 

What gift do you want to get? iPad3, iPad mini, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, Kindel Fire, Canon camcorder, Google nexus 7, etc.? I love all of them.

So, what's the Doremisoft's offer? Let's go for the Dormeisoft Christmas giveaway.

doremisoft christmas giveaway

1. Video Converter Wins&Mac

Help to convert video to almost any video file format, then you can edit the video in FCP, imovie, sony vegas, etc. and enjoy the video on Portable Devices like

Apple devices: the New iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, Apple TV, etc

Tablet PCs: Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Flyer, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry Playbook, etc.

Smartphone: Galaxy S2, HTC Sensation, Desire, Motorola Droid X, Nokia, LG and more.

2. Video editor for Mac

Customized and powerful video editor with handy functions: trim, merge, crop, rotate.

3. Video to Flash ConverterWins&Mac

You can easily convert video to FLV, SWF and HTML page, crop video to remove black bars and change video brightness, contrast, saturation, take video frame rate and bitrate, add effect.

4. SWF ConverterWins&Mac

Help to Capture and download SWF files with a click; enjoy the SWF video on the new iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone, Apple TV; PSP, BlackBerry, etc.

5. SWF to quicktime mov Mac

Convert SWF videos to MOV for playback on QuickTime with high video quality.

6. SWF to mp4 Converter Mac

Perfectly convert SWF to videos in MP4, HD H.264, and HD MPEG-4 format on Mac

7. DVD Maker for Mac

Easily burn all SD/HD videos to DVD with high quality on Mac OS X, allowed to choose or set up personalized background image, background music, Menu Title (DVD name), Button Style and Frame.

8. DVD RipperWins&Mac

Powerful video tool: to rip or backup your DVD disc to other video formats or devices.

9. Video Converter for Mac+DVD Ripper

Buy a Video Converter for Mac in full price, mac DVD Ripper for free!

With these softwares you can edit your Christmas recorded videos, and share them to Youtube or email them to your friends to let them know how is your Christmas day. You also can burn them to DVD with DVD maker for mac to save them forever. Just check the giveaway at http://www.doremisoft.net/christmas-offer-2012/


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November 23 2012 6 23 /11 /November /2012 04:05

As iPad Mini was released for month, have you bought an iPad Mini? What do you feel about it? What part do you like best? Does it right for you? What the difference between iPad 3 and iPad Mini?

iPad mini - Anodised aluminium, 308g
iPad 3 - Anodised aluminium, 652g

iPad Mini is made using the same sort of materials as its daddy, aluminium. This is a very lightweight metal, giving the tablet the right match between a cool, hard, premium feel and a body that won't give you shoulder pain after holding it for ten minutes.

The iPad mini is, predictably, a good deal lighter than the full-size iPad. At just over under the weight, it's significantly more comfortable to hold in one hand.

iPad mini - 7.85in, 1,024 x 768, IPS
iPad 3 - 9.7in, 2,048 x 1536 pixels, IPS

7.85in against 9.7in is a large margin, making a clear argument for on-the-go and at-home use respectively. Tablet fans will note, though, that the iPad mini is actually a little large by the standards of small tablets, being wider thant the Google Nexus 7.

iPad mini - iOS 6
iPad 3 - iOS 6

Both versions of the iPad use the same software, iOS 6. This is the same platform you'll find on newer iPhone and the latest iPod touch. If you've ever used an iOS device, it'll seem incredibly familiar.

I just like: Its Colors are vivid and text is sharp on the iPad mini display. But what really makes it stand out is its size. At 7.9 inches, it’s perfectly sized to deliver an experience every bit as big as iPad. iPad mini has everything that makes an iPad an iPad, but it’s a fraction of the size. At just 7.2 millimeters, it’s pencil thin and unbelievably light. You can easily hold it in your palm. And stash it in your smallest bag without a second thought, so it’s always close at hand.


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October 19 2012 6 19 /10 /October /2012 08:01

iPhoto is a software that used to manipulate digital photograph, developed by Apple Inc. With this application you can import, organize, edit, print and share digital photos. It supports most common image file formats. iPhoto allows you to easily upload and organize your photos, One of the great advantages of iPhoto is the ability to easily send photos to an existing iWeb page, send to others via e-mail or upload to places such as Facebook, MobileMe and Flickr.

iPhoto offers many choices for sharing photos. Photo albums can be made into dynamic slideshows and optionally set to music imported from iTunes. These slideshows can be exported to QuickTime movie files, further edited in iMovie or burned directly to DVD-video discs using iDVD. Both slideshows and static photos can be shared to other Macs on a local network by using the Bonjour "zero-configuration" technology. iPhoto can also sync photo albums to any iPod with a color display. These iPods may also have an audio/video output to allow photos to be played back, along with music, on any modern television.

"I was wondering if anyone knew how to import video clips from the newest Sony digital cameras into iphoto. (Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX100v), iPhoto detects my camera and will import photos, but seems the videos are coming up as incompatible."

From forum. Mac Rumors

iPhoto also support some videos, but avchd is not included. Sony Cyber-Shot camcorders are new popular camcorders, the high-end series like Cyber-Shot DSC-HX9V, Cyber-Shot DSC-HX100v recording AVCHD 60i / 60p / MP4 / MPEG-4 AVC(H.264) video format and Dolby Digital (AC-3) / MPEG-4 AAC-LC, Audio Format. Middle-end Cyber-Shot like Cyber-Shot WX-9, Cyber-Shot W570 record AVI, MPEG-Motion format.

To convert Sony CyberShot to mac iPhoto natively supported Mp4, and we will use AVCHD Converter for Mac to convert Sony Cyber-Shot AVCHD, Mp4, AVI, MPEG-Motion to iPhoto Mp4, then you can copy it to iMovie or sync to iPad, iPhone, Apple TV. You can learn the steps bellow:

1. After you run the mac avchd converter, Click the "Add File" button to load your avchd video to the application.

2. Click "Profile" to open the list of output format, Select MP4 as output video format for iphoto.

sony cybershot to iphoto

3. Click the "Start" button to convert Sony Cyber-Shot Video to iPhoto.

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September 28 2012 6 28 /09 /September /2012 08:40

Final cut pro X was released on June20, 2012, it kicked off a storm in the pro video editing community. Final cut pro x is a trackless 64-bit application, and allow it to scale and use all available cores for processing such as rendering and transcoding. With it, you can do the editing freely. Bellow, you can learn some new features of final cut pro x:

1.Background rendering will save you a ton of time. Like iMovie, Final Cut Pro X will constantly render clips in the background so you can continue working while all the nitty gritty is going on behind the scenes.

2.Smart face-detection and shot-detection categorizes your clips into Smart Collections. With this new feature, Final Cut Pro X will know whether each shot is a close up or medium shot, and it will also know who is acting in the shot.

3.The new "Auditioning" feature lets you try out different takes on the fly. With "Auditioning," you can add effects, extra b-roll takes, and more to your timeline in a non-destructive way, right on top of your current footage.

4.Start editing before your footage finishes importing. Importing tons of footage can take an eternity, and Final Cut Pro X lets you get started soon after you begin the import to your computer. This feature will save time and make importing footage seamless.

5.Magnetic Timeline makes sure your audio and video never get disrupted. In past versions of Final Cut Pro, audio and video would get displaced or trimmed whenever you'd drop in another audio or video file. Now, clips will move out of the way into another track when you drag in more footage. A much appreciated new feature.

With this software, you will do lots of things, like edit mts file recorded by Sony Handycam. If you have tried, you will find that the mts file can not imported into final cut pro x directly. So what should you do if you want to edit mts with fcp x?

Doremisoft AVCHD converter for mac can help you convert mts files to final cut pro x compatible formats like like MPEG-4, MOV, MPEG-1, DV, or 3GP. You can learn the steps of how to convert mts to final cut pro x.

Step 1: Download the mac AVCHD converter from the doremisoft websites, then install the software to your mac, after installation you can run it, Click the "Add File" to load your mts file into the application.

Step 2: Set an output format that compatible with FCP or Final Cut Pro X. Choose the output format and saving file folder from the profile and destination. To import MTS to Final Cut Pro X, select "MPEG-4, MOV, MPEG-1, DV, or 3GP" as output video format.

Step 3: Click the "Start" button to begin the conversion of converting mts to final cut pro x. After finish, you can easily do the final cut pro import mts process.

Besides, with this AVCHD converter for mac, you can convert sony handycam to mac, Sony HD Handycam series can record high definition 1440 x 1080 AVCHD(MPEG-4 AVC/H.264), capture stand definition 1440 x 1080(MPEG-2), such as Sony Handycam HDR-XR350V, HDR-CX350V,HDR-CX300, HDR-XR200V, HDR-XR520V, HDR-FX1000, HDR-CX520V, HDR-FX7, GVH-D700, DCR-DVD850, DCR-DVD650, DCR-HC52, etc, this software also can convert the avchd video to mac for playing.

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